Survival Skills

Hola!  Buenos dias!  Que pasa?!  I’ve decided I’m going to try to learn Spanish while I’m here.  I’ve already had to teach the boys “no habla espanol” because little kids were going up to them busting out the Spanish & my poor kids would just shrug and walk away.  Haha.  Maybe we’ll all do the Rosetta Stone thing together or something. 😉

Anyhow, how has your February been?  I feel like February just started and here we are almost at the end of the month.  I still feel like I don’t know what month it is out here because weather-wise, it shouldn’t be February.  It FEELS like April or May.  I’m all kinds of off.




I know I posted about getting into a groove here in California awhile back.  I really, truly am getting the hang of things here.  I wouldn’t say San Diego is my FAVORITE place (yet) but I am loving the weather, and I feel blessed to have the opportunity to live here.  The kids are loving it and making friends & the Hubby seems to like it whenever he has the chance to “visit” us.  Really, the kids and I live here and the Hubby stops by every so often. 😉  At least if he’s going to be gone all the time, he leaves us in a place with great weather so we won’t get depressed or have to shovel snow.  Ha.



Since he is gone a lot and we are in a new place, I’ve had to tap into my Survival Skills archives I’ve accumulated over our multiple moves.  I’ve mentioned before the ups & downs of moving a lot and moving often.  When you do move a lot, you learn a lot about yourself and how you cope with situations.  I’ve learned I am happiest when I have something to focus on and friends to talk to.

In Maryland, I used the opportunity to teach spin & fitness classes as my means of survival.  I focused on teaching classes and I made so many wonderful friends that way.  It was MY THING.







I knew as soon as I moved again, I would need to find MY THING.  I figured I’d join a gym and maybe I would find my thing there…you know how that all turned out.

As my gym craziness was happening, the Hubby left us to go do Navy things, and I was having issues with the boys’ school and I could just feel myself slipping into a rut.  A bad rut.  The kind of rut where you cried more often than usual.  I was homesick and lonely and in a new place.  I was becoming more and more of a hermit, except when I was running.

Running in San Diego is awesome.  I hardly ran in 2013 but I was running more and more here because it helped me cope with the loneliness & stress.  I started looking for running groups in the area and was introduced to Run Away.



I put off meeting with them for a couple weeks because let’s be honest here, going to a group event where you know NO ONE is intimidating.  You don’t know what you’re walking into.  Are these people crazy?  Serial killers?  Mean?  Will they talk to me?

The morning I went to meet the group, I cried on the phone to my husband and told him I hated it here.  I cried, then cleaned up and went to meet them.

Can we say BLESSING?!

Run Away is a local group started by one amazing lady and its grown to 140 members, with a consistent 35-40 runners at every meet up.  Its just a bunch of ladies (and a couple guys) who get together to run.

Since mid-January, I’ve been meeting with them twice a week to run and I have met some amazing ladies through this group.  I’ve found MY THING here.





I think Hubby is happy because no more tearful phone calls from me. 😉

Enjoy the rest of your day!


3 thoughts on “Survival Skills

  1. Katie Smith says:

    Absolutley love reading your blog!! You write so well❤️ I hope we can continue to run, hangout, do lunch❤️ This has really helped us all like SD alittle better!😉xo Ros!

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