Behavior Management at Home

Hi, friends. 🙂 How’s everyone’s Monday going?  Mine has gone pretty fabulous so far.  I started today as I have been starting the past several Mondays…with a run with my running club.


I’ve been complaining about the hills around here since we moved to San Diego.  These hills are NO JOKE.  We’re talking steep, STEEP hills…the kind where your vehicle struggles to get to the top; the kind that look like they’re going straight into heaven.  Every time I complain about the hills, the seasoned San Diego runners are all “poo poo, get over it, its just a hill,” or “hills are GOOD for you!”  Well, I guess they must be on to something because on my run today, I hit a flat stretch of road nearly a mile long and I felt like I was FLYING.  My upper body couldn’t keep up with my lower body and as I kept going, I got faster and faster.  It felt AMAZING.  Of course it all came to an abrupt end as I hit another hill, but it was awesome while it lasted. 🙂

My Monday got even better when I got a call from Kbob’s soccer coach to inform me that his new practice field will be LITERALLY around the corner from our house.  Like close enough where we could walk; close enough where we ARE going to walk.  The field change was one I approved of.

And as if my Monday couldn’t get any better, I got a text from Noah’s soccer coach telling me that practice was cancelled for the evening!  I love it when my evenings open up.  I immediately made mental plans to use this evening for homework (since we’re always rushing to get it done in the minivan) and sweetened the deal by letting the kids do homework at the bookstore.

IMG_7590 IMG_7591 IMG_7592

Without the distractions of the TV, LEGOS, the couch, or the pantry, they got a lot done in 45 minutes.  We finished up with a cookie for each and everyone was happy.

So, you all know that the Hubby has been away for the past month…to be honest, this has been the longest he’s been away from us in a year.  We have been extremely fortunate to have him on shore duty for quite a bit of time and the kids are really not used to him being away.  The Hubby & I knew this tour would be particularly challenging because he would be gone so often and our household would essentially go from a 2-parent behavior management system to 1.  I realized soon after the Hubby left last month that changes needed to be implemented and it needed to be done quick.  I was tired of repeating myself and the kids were tired of hearing me.

So my at-home behavior management system was born.



The kids are used to the clothespin & color system because its what is being used at school.  The basic premise is this: Green is the best, Red/Pink is the worst, they start at Yellow everyday and have opportunities to move up or down depending on behavior. They each have their own calendar and at the end of the day, they color in the day with the color they landed on.  I’ve implemented incentives: 4 greens/week = movie night, or a special dinner, or the big prize this week:



a $10 gift card to Build-a-Bear.

We’ve been doing this for a week and so far so good.  Kbob is responding really well to this system…a lot better than when I was just yelling at him. 😉  Haha. Just kidding…not really.  The system is also helping a lot with getting them to help around the house; I was really getting tired of picking up after them. 😛  I also find that a concrete, consistent system works better for us than me just promising them this or taking away that.

What works in your house?  Or are your children just complete angels naturally? 🙂


2 thoughts on “Behavior Management at Home

  1. Budding Fashionista says:

    i’d rather read the post about the woman’s house being a mess. at least that one didn’t make me feel like an inferior mom!! thanks, a lot! j/k i’m just hating. you seem so organized! i need to implement some sort of chart/reward system. i’ll let you know how that works. i may even blog about it.

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