My One Word & a Challenge

Good morning, friends! (or Good Afternoon for those reading from the East Coast ūüėČ )

So I’m a little late to the party, but have any of you read about the “My One Word” movement that is happening this year on some blogs?


The quick and dirty version of it is you choose ONE WORD for your year.  Its a new way of handling New Years Resolutions.

Yes, I know January has come and gone, and it is now February, but I figure now is as good a time as any of get started on this. ¬†After getting through January (which I’ll admit now was a little rocky for me) I have a sense of renewal and am ready to tackle the year’s challenges in the months to come.

I toyed with the idea of several words: FEARLESS, BRAVE, PERSEVERE, etc to encompass what I’d like to accomplish this year, but those words seemed so limiting to me. ¬†I wanted a word that would include what I wanted to fulfill daily: marriage, motherhood, relationships, prayer, fitness, self-care, etc. ¬†Then it hit me: DAILY.



For my own personal purposes, DAILY I will focus on strengthening my relationships with my husband, children, family, friends.  DAILY I will focus on taking care of myself through fitness, prayer, meditation.  DAILY I will focus on the management of my home, our schedule, our finances, our activities.  DAILY I will cultivate new friendships, interests, goals, dreams.  DAILY I will take account of the things that are good for me & my family and are not, and let go of things that do not serve me or our lives well.

What word will YOU choose to focus on for the next 12 (well, 11) months?  Join the movement!

With that out of the way, I want to let you in on a challenge for the month of February.


Your challenge for the month is to Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable. ¬†When I taught my spin classes in Maryland, every now and then, when we’d reach the end of our ride, or coming up on a particularly challenging hill, I’d tell my participants to “find your comfort zone, then leave it.” ¬†Because really, what’s so good about being comfortable? ¬†Comfort breeds complacency. ¬†Rarely are those who are complacent grow…and don’t we all want growth? ¬†Aren’t we all works in progress? ¬†There is always room for improvement, and to be successful, to be amazing, sometimes you need to be uncomfortable.

For the month of February, I challenge you to pursue something out of your comfort zone at least once a week. ¬†It can be as small as striking up a conversation with someone in the grocery store line, or something as big as going bungee jumping (haha…do people still do this?). ¬†Whatever it is, own it.

comfort zone


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