Virtual Coffee Date



If you and I were having coffee today, I would tell you how much I enjoy lazy Sunday mornings.  After a busy Saturday with a to-do list *this long*, it was nice to lounge around with the kids this morning, eat breakfast AFTER 8am, and finally change out of our pjs at 11am.  With school starting on Tuesday, I am soaking up these last lazy mornings as much as I can.

IMG_7214 IMG_7215 IMG_7219


If you and I were having coffee today, I would tell you how EXCITED I am to be adding to my home gym.  After researching and reading reviews, we have invested in a spin bike!




I was originally going to get this one, but the reviews for the Sunny bike were so good, and the price for it allowed me to get more toys for my gym.  In addition to the bike, we purchased 20, 25, 30, & 35 lb kettlebells PLUS 15 and 30 lb slam balls all for what it would cost if we just got the Spinner Sport bike.  Everything should be here Monday!  Oh, and we also figured for the price we got everything for, it would have been about 4 months of membership fees at LAme Fitness, so it all balances out in the end.  “Justification” is my middle name. 🙂

If you and I were having coffee today, I would confess that I am STILL reading this book, after starting it several months ago.



Not because its not good, but because I’ve been slacking on my reading.  The Hubby is gone for a month so maybe I’ll tackle it while he’s gone and even move on to the next books in this series.  Anyone have any other books recommendations for me?

If you and I were having coffee today, I would share with you how nervous I am for the boys to start school this week.  They haven’t started here yet (Christmas break here is 3 weeks long!) and Tuesday will be their first day.  My stomach is in knots for them; I know they’ll be ok, its just the Mom in me that’s all nervous.



In addition to starting school on Tuesday, both boys have their first soccer practice that runs from (get this) 7-9PM!  Those who know me, knows I don’t cheat on bedtimes and my kids are in bed by 7:30-7:45PM nightly.  I’m not sure yet how we’re going to swing these soccer practices 2 times a week, but its gotta be done.  Maybe I’ll make them nap after dinner. 😛

Ok, folks…I’m being summonsed by the children to bake more cookies and/or brownies.  Who do they think I am?! 😉


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