Back in the dating game

I know everyone who’s been reading for the past couple weeks knows this: we just moved. I know, I know, I talk/post/blog about it all the time.  And I’ve been all over social media lately because 1) I don’t have a set routine yet with the kids still being out of school and 2) I haven’t made any friends yet.


I know, give myself some credit, right? I’ve only been here 3 weeks.  I know I’ll meet people through the kids (who’ve I’ve met most my friends through in Maryland…thanks, kids!); their school, soccer, etc. But I have this irrational fear that I WON’T meet anyone, and with the Hubby being gone 3/4 of the year this year, its imperative I find a network of support out here.

A couple days ago I found this article about military spouses and “friendship dating.”  This is my life right now.  Its been my life since we moved from Virginia 7 years ago.  I think its especially challenging for those of us who “stay home” to find a network of people to connect with.

So I have to get creative.

In Florida, I had small babies.  I was busy tending to them and trying to keep them alive so I didn’t have time to think about friendships.


In Maryland, making friends was easy.  I joined a gym and became friends with everyone there, plus Noah started school and soccer and the rest was history.  The people I met through the gym and Noah’s activities are people I will be lifelong friends with.

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Here, I no longer am a member of a gym, & the kids activities have yet to start, so I’m left to my own devices.  I feel a pressing need because the Hubby’s travel is to start SOON.  Like in a week.

So next week I’ve set up a date of sorts.


With a running group.

(insert nervous face here)

Yes, I know I run.  I might even venture to call myself a “runner.”  While running is usually “my time,” I have run with others before.  I’ve run an 18 miler with friends.

But going to meet people I’ve never met before to RUN makes me nervous. And I’ve officially put it on the blog for all to see, so now I really have to go.  Yikes.

Next Wednesday is the day.  I’m nervous…what should I wear?! 🙂


7 thoughts on “Back in the dating game

  1. Budding Fashionista says:

    what should i wear?! teeeheeeheee! that’s funny! Well, don’t wear a sports bra that pushes your boobs up too much. you don’t want to look like “that” girl. Might as well go without make-up. if they dont’ like you for you in your natural state, they’re not meant to be your friends anyway. Don’t wear the purple pants. You’ll look too needy. like…”look at me! i need friends so i’m wearing the brightest pants i own!” ya know?

  2. Deanna DeVito says:

    I’m going to date myself and say ” just be yourself Roseyln” true friends will invest in you. Wear the camo pants please!!!!
    Miss your presence here 😔

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